My Camino de Santiago at the PGS blog

Camino de Santiago

Well !!!

Hasn’t it been a long time since the last blog entry !!!

I am going on pilgrimage (again) to Santiago de Compostela, and after much thought, I have decided to put my blog posts about this new journey up at my friend Bill Bennett’s pilgrimage blog, PGS The Way.

Bill has written a very amusing account of his own pilgrimage, The Way, My Way (which can be found HERE ), and he also plans to direct a film that he’s written about the Camino.

Bill is not a Catholic, nor even a Christian (though he had a Christian upbringing), but his blog has evolved into a meeting place for some of the more thoughtful and/or experienced multi-Camino pilgrims of whichever religious or philosophical background.

Several of the members there have expressed interest in reading about and discussing my pilgrimage ; so there’s a broader audience than the Catholic for these writings, and I concluded that they would be better published there than here.

8 thoughts on “My Camino de Santiago at the PGS blog

  1. Your friend could always simply use the WP “reblog” button for your posts. That way you can publish them here and keep them in-house and then you can easily use a blog publishing tool to print a book of your posts when you return. I would personally encourage you to use that option. It keeps readership from both his subscribers and yours.
    However, either way you choose, I wish you well on your pilgrimage!
    My husband and I are planning to walk the Way of St. James in 2016.
    Buen Camino! – Holly

  2. Now look here, Jabba – you know how dopey I am – so explain carefully how I can follow your Camino on someone else’s blog.
    Then I will do so.
    Oops… belay that – I’ve done it. I think.

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