My Camino de Santiago at the PGS blog

Camino de Santiago

Well !!!

Hasn’t it been a long time since the last blog entry !!!

I am going on pilgrimage (again) to Santiago de Compostela, and after much thought, I have decided to put my blog posts about this new journey up at my friend Bill Bennett’s pilgrimage blog, PGS The Way.

Bill has written a very amusing account of his own pilgrimage, The Way, My Way (which can be found HERE ), and he also plans to direct a film that he’s written about the Camino.

Bill is not a Catholic, nor even a Christian (though he had a Christian upbringing), but his blog has evolved into a meeting place for some of the more thoughtful and/or experienced multi-Camino pilgrims of whichever religious or philosophical background.

Several of the members there have expressed interest in reading about and discussing my pilgrimage ; so there’s a broader audience than the Catholic for these writings, and I concluded that they would be better published there than here.