Camino in Corona


Down here at the Borderland between the Coastal Francigena and the Provençal Camino, Summer today has made his first bold moves, drenching all with his virus-killing UV and immune-strengthening Vitamin D rays from his Boss Man, the Sun.

These would be wonderful Camino hike blazing days, full of Indigo mountains and Sea and clear Azure Sky, generous cleansing heat, and the growing sense that a sea change is coming, to take us out from our shadow indoor lives and return us to the foot-printed pathways of our genuine destinations.

2 thoughts on “Camino in Corona

  1. I think that little problem with the pilgrim “forum” may have been addressed now, in a spinnoff matter that arose while addressing the Australian bigot and Pell-hater Margaret Butterworth. A friend just “I didn’t know you had it in you to defend the faith like that.

    I said, I didn’t, it just dictated itself.

    • There are some very disturbing things going on down under spiritually, ranging from “spiritual but not religious” to full on New Age neo-paganism (sometimes almost overtly demonic), with the usual mix in-between of knee-jerk Anglican anti-Catholicism and radical atheism of every stripe.

      And some good people suffering in the midst of it all, whether good Christians or ordinary secular folk.

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