Into the West

I am very likely to be resuming my current (lengthy) (and lengthily delayed) foot pilgrimage to Fátima, Santiago de Compostela, Lourdes, then home next week, from Lleida in Catalonia.

It will likely be very hard at the start, i.e. for a few weeks, but then isn’t all life ?

4 thoughts on “Into the West

  1. Getting there, slowly, painfully, but not continuing before next year now —

    9 weeks this year, and about 800K. 2,000K total so far or thereabouts, so well ; not even halfway yet.

    Meseta 2021 :

    • Julian – i have found you. At last I can apologise.
      Please email me if you feel like it
      It would be good to hear from you

      Jack Cronin, Paris, 1995 (?)

      • Oh, hallo Jack !! Nice to hear from you …

        Not sure what you mean to apologise for, as I can think of literally nothing that you might have done wrong.

        I’m editing your e-mail out of your post for spam avoidance purposes.

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