Saint Mary

I have seen Our Lady Saint Mary, the Mother of God, Pregnant with the Godhead Itself, and filled with the Shining and Eternal Light and Love of God and of Heaven.

Henceforth, I will proclaim this to all the world, and I will accept any and whichever consequences may arise therefrom, for the reason that there is only One God, One Christ, and One Heaven that we are called towards for the love in our souls in the utter imperfection of our flesh.

May God have mercy on my soul.

8 thoughts on “Saint Mary

  1. How amazingly blessed you are, Jabba! Did this happen recently? Your description is so vivid, but I imagine that the memory of such an experience would not fade, no matter how many years passed. I do envy you!

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I don’t mean to pry, but who is forcing you? And what are the frightening consequences? This is all rather worrying. You don’t have to explain if you’d rather not, but I feel a little shaken.

    • I will write more on this.

      You’re NOT prying — I CANNOT go half-way with something like this, which needs to be either completely private, or fully open and honest.

      Meanwhile, I can only direct you to Saint Bernadette Soubirous’ meditations on how painful and difficult it is to receive such revelations, and then ALSO to be required to make them public. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Saint Theresa of Avila have written on the same subject, but no-one cuts so close to the bone of the matter as Saint Bernadette.

  3. Ok. Thanks, Jabba. I salute your courage, and I will look forward to reading more about your experiences when you are ready to share them.

  4. The truly terrible thing is those who imagine that the miraculous only exists in some kind of distant past, or as prophecies for a mythic future — but NEVER in the here and now, although they have the Holy Eucharist given them every day…

  5. Thank you dear Jabba – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I have been biding my time waiting and hoping that one day you would tell us about your “totally unexpected and uncalled for” vision (your words once, I believe) and I so longed to know more.

    What makes your testimony all the more credible is the way you have always come across as a person during the years I have known you as a fellow blogger and commenter: level headed, intelligent and well-balanced.

    And yes, yes, we have the greatest miracle occurring every day at Holy Mass, and so rarely does our (or I should say “my”) concentration and prayers of adoration come any way even NEAR being worthy of so great a God.

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