Harrison Ford IS Han Solo !!!

Rumours are that Harrison Ford has accepted the part of Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII !!!

This is making me very optimistic about the quality of the script, I don’t think he’d have accepted the job if his part in the film had been as dubious as in The Return of the Jedi

Great News !!!

10 thoughts on “Harrison Ford IS Han Solo !!!

    • Yes. We do.

      The only thing that was really wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was its atrociously nonsensical quasi-mystic New Age CGI ending (not to mention its implicit psychological anachronism versus the historical 1950s).

      Ford himself though is quite excellent in his portrayal of the rugged, aging Hero …

  1. The only thing that was really wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was that it was atrociously nonsensical from soup to nuts.

    That said, how are you, Jabba?
    Physically, and all that?
    We worry, you see.

    • Seem to have gotten some strength back in past weeks ; thank you for asking.

      This sort of kindness of heart always puts me in mind of the “Fisher King” episode in both the Mediaeval French Prose Lancelot Cycle, and Wolfram Von Eschenbach’s magnificent Parzival.

  2. My favourite author, Anthony Powell, wrote a novel (his last, in fact) called “The Fisher King,” but somehow the original myth bewilders me. It does in his book too. Oh, well.

    This might amuse you. Noel Coward went to the first night of the musical, “Camelot.”
    When asked what he thought of it, he said, “Well, I thought it was rather like Parcival, but nowhere near as funny.”

    I want to see you striding into Moratinos. Soon.

  3. News reports suggest that Carrie Fisher has “confirmed” her involvement in Star Wars Episode VII.

    Danger Will Robinson !! — even though I’m firmly convinced that her involvement is real, Ms Fisher’s sense of humour is highly developed, as are her brains, so let’s not get too excited about her 2015 hair style — and wait for whichever forthcoming official announcement.

    And well – yeah, that’s a paradox on my part given the thread title ; but the difference there is that Mr Ford’s involvement was FAR more hypothetical in the first place than Ms Fisher’s (who just simply LOVES these A-List cameo appearances anyway).

  4. And, from the man himself :

    Harrison Ford : “I think it’s almost true. I’m looking forward to it. It’s not in the bag yet, but I think it’s happening.”

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