Lenten Retreat

Lenten Retreat

Retrieved from Father Z’s blog. Love it !!!


One thought on “Lenten Retreat

  1. More seriously — the Pope and the other members of the Roman Curia have in fact just started their REAL (week-long) Lenten Retreat :


    The spiritual exercises Gianfranco Ravasi began preaching yesterday evening in the Vatican “liberate the soul in some way from the earthiness of things, from the mud of sin, the sand of banality, the sting of gossip which fill our ears non-stop, especially in today’s world,” Ravasi said. The cardinal invited faithful to begin this first meditation by letting silence settle in their souls, freeing themselves from all the noises of daily life.

    The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, described the Pope and Curia’s retreat as “The time of silence”. On what was the second-to-last Sunday of Benedict XVI’s pontificate, with the Angelus prayer inviting members of the Church to renew themselves in spirit, reject selfishness and pride, not use God to achieve success and power, the Pope did not forget to send out a message on Twitter: “Lent is a favourable time in which to rediscover faith in God as the foundation of our lives and of the Church’s life.”

    [spam tastelessly advertising Cardinal Ravasi’s forthcoming Papal abdication book deleted]

    The end of the current papacy is only ten days away, following Benedict XVI’s historic resignation which will formally come into effect on 28 February. The Pope, however, will be making no public appearances for the entire week, because of the spiritual exercises that began yesterday afternoon at 18:00. All audiences, including the General Audience on Wednesday 20th are suspended until the end of the spiritual exercises next Saturday (when the outgoing Pope will receive the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano).

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