Causality must necessarily have a non-causal origin.

11 thoughts on “Causality

    • Any “causal” origin for causality would necessarily be subjected to that very same causality, which would then simply be a case of ordinary recursion to a previous cause within the bounds of causality itself, therefore explaining nothing of its origin.

      The origin of causality must therefore be extra-causal.

    • Most of the food taboos of the semitic peoples seem to have their origin in a combination of the hot climate of that part of the world and the non-existence of the refrigerator at the time. Well, there’s tapeworm, too…

      A careful reading of Scripture shows that none of these taboos can be traced to any commands from God, except for those concerning who could and who could not eat the meat of their sacrifices depending on the circumstances and nature of those sacrifices.

      I cannot OTOH seem to find a single reference to bacon sarnies in Scripture … whereas the New Testament teaches that only those Christians who are Jews, “cultural Jews” or whatever that would mean in our own understanding, are bound to obedience of such Laws and taboos.

  1. There was a recent article on CP&S which mentioned the difficulty in refraining from pork sausages and fornication, so this seems to be a hot topic.
    I suppose the taboo, like Tabasco, makes at least the sausage spicier.

  2. .
    It’s a lot easier than the chicken and the egg.

    But what prompted you to post “Causality must necessarily have a non-causal origin,” anyway, Jabba?

    Just looking for a fight?

  3. …Univocity in causality is about the best notion which explains what many mystics claim is true…the beloved in the lover…consumed by love… With the just man and with justice, there is no multiplicity. Justice is one, and the just man is one; thus, justice and the just man are one. Even if there are many just men: As just men, the many just men are one (Echardus, In Sap. n. 44; LW II, 366, 6–7: “… omnes iusti, in quantum iusti, unum sunt …”), indeed, they are even justice itself…. 🙂

  4. …True without the spark from God and poverty of spirit…the wealth and wellspring gleaned only from the garden of graces found at the foot of the cross… we cannot achieve the intellectual disposition which expedites this spiritual metamorphasis…:-). Nice blog u have here…however as John of the cross said…everything that happens is grace ..we are held in God’s’arms always however without wisdom the eye cannot turn and face itself…

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